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seo content writing Press Release

Why should you hire me to write your press release? I have been a News Reporter for over 20 years. This means I have seen a lot of Press Releases. I am intuitively familiar with the type of news a journalist is looking for and the things that will catch their eye.  I don’t use the standard formula that  PR companies use.  They don’t work.  Reporters have seen tons of them.  The press release I write, uses my time tested formula to catch eyes and increase your chance in getting media attention.

What is a Press Release for Media Release?

This type of press release is written in a manner that will catch a person’s eye and make them pause to read it.

What is a SEO Press Release?

Press release that are created to be distributed to news wires like PR web or to help rank a page or site is structured differently. The differences can appear slight but they make a significant difference. The two main factors is creating a readable title with the keyword. The second largest factor is making sure the content is keyword rich so the spiders and robots understand what your promoting.

media consulting Media Relations Consulting or Training

Got an interview with a radio station, newspaper, online magazine or a TV interview on your local or national station? I can make sure your ready.  Here are some of the areas my media and interview training covers:

  • How to hold yourself in front of the interviewer and on TV
  • What to expect during your interview
  • The mindset of your interviewer
  • How to answer their questions
  • How to get your exact message across

I will make sure you are ready for a specific interview with a detailed game plan or give you insight and prepare your for any media interview.

scottsdale voice over Voice Overs

If you need a voice over for your commercial, video intro, youtube video, radio commerical I can voice it for you.  In face I can write it too if you need a writer.  If you need a writer for your script then I can help with that too.  Below are some samples of the voice overs I have done:

Restaurant Commercial

News Story


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