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Writing is something we all do everyday but it is not always easy to communicate with the written word. I have been in News for over 20 years.

I specialize in Press Releases, Voice overs and media consulting. If there is a need for a general or specific article I can do that too.

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seo content writingWRITER I Know How to Write

Press release|Radio Scripts Article for blogs|Website content

I have experience writing for the eye and writing for a robot. What exactly does this mean? I can write to catch a persons attention and I can SEO an article so the search engines know what is being communicated.

media consultingMEDIA CONSULTING I Know the News Game

I know how News people think, how they act and the questions they ask. I can help you with your media relations or media presence. Here are some ideas: Prepare for an interview | Pitch story ideas to news and media outlets Plan out media buys | Write a press release

scottsdale voice overVOICEOVERS I Know How to Voice

I have the versatility to execute any type of voice over… whether it is serious topic, one that may be light hearted, or anything in-between.


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